Have a Snooze for a Good Night Sleep

Published April 8th, 2019 - 03:00 GMT
New line of herbal beverages that are meant to help you get some rest and stay asleep (Twitter)
New line of herbal beverages that are meant to help you get some rest and stay asleep (Twitter)

A former Red Bull executive is turning over a new leaf from energy drinks to sleep aids.

Hans Vriens, who was a director of Red Bull North America, is launching a new line of herbal beverages that are meant to help you get some rest and stay asleep.

Called 'Snoooze,' the all-natural drink contains an elixr of herbs including linden flower, passionflower and valerian, which are meant to be soothing and relaxing, as well as promote natural sleep cycles.

'In the case of Red Bull, we gave them the energy to party through the night,' Vriens told Cincinnati People.


'In the case of Snoooze, we give them the energy the next day. So, in effect, Snoooze is an energy drink for tomorrow.

'So I guess I'm still in the energy business. Only, this time, you have to sleep first to get it yourself,' he added.

Vriens claims the drink has fewer calories than other beverage-based sleep aids, as well as no caffeine or chemicals.

The drink tastes like an herbal iced tea with a slight hop and peppermint flavor, according to Cincinnati People.

Users are supposed to drink a can of Snoooze roughly 20 to 30 minutes before they go to bed to give it time to set in.

It's available in two different versions - regular and strong - depending on the user's preferred intensity.

Each Snoooze comes in a 4.6 ounce can, with a dose of no more than 2,800mg of each herbal supplement.

The company says each dose should help promote 'peaceful and regenerative sleep.'

'Good sleep helps you to have more successful & happy days,' the firm's website reads. 'When consumed as recommended, the herbal ingredients in Snoooze do not have known side-effects in healthy adults and are not known to be addictive.'

Snoooze was launched initially in Cincinnati and later expanded to be available for purchase in the U.S. on the firm's website.

Viens noted how even if users eat healthy foods and workout, if they're not getting enough sleep, they'll likely struggle to get through the day.

Doing something simple like using a natural sleep aid could have far-reaching impacts, he added.

'It would be cool if we make a tiny contribution to making people less stressed,' Viens told The Times.


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