'I Loved My Wife' says UAE Man After Beating Her to Death

Published November 29th, 2017 - 09:00 GMT
 "I loved my wife and I didn't intend to kill her" (Shutterstock/File)
"I loved my wife and I didn't intend to kill her" (Shutterstock/File)

A husband beat his wife to death as he tried to "discipline" her after the couple had an argument, an Abu Dhabi court has heard. The Emirati man went on trial accused of hitting his wife and kicking her, which caused her death.

According to official court documents, the Emirati had an argument with his wife at their home in Abu Dhabi, which resulted in him attacking her. The attack was so severe that the woman suffered from internal bleeding.

A medical report said the woman died because of the beatings.

In court, he admitted to attacking his wife, claiming he wanted to discipline her, but he denied intentionally killing the woman. "We had some misunderstandings as a couple and I beat her up lightly, just to discipline her," the Emirati said in court. "I loved my wife and I didn't intend to kill her. Though we had some disputes, there is no way I could have done something that ended her life."

His case was among the 10 murder cases that the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance looked into on Wednesday.

The judge adjourned all the cases to Dec. 12 and 27, so that those concerned could communicate with the family and see if they were willing to pardon the killers in return for blood money.



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