Instagram Lunches Social Anti-Addiction Button

Published November 18th, 2018 - 12:53 GMT

Instagram wants to help you manage your time on the app.

The Facebook-owned social media firm has begun rolling out a new dashboard that shows you how many hours you spend using Instagram each day and even set time limits so that you don't become too addicted.

Instagram first announced it was launching a time management tool earlier this year.

To access it, click on the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner on your Instagram profile.

From there, tap on the 'Your Activity' button and that will show your daily average time spent on the app for the week.

It also shows a breakdown of each day and if you press and hold on a certain day, it will say your daily average use.

The feature provides a useful picture of which days your most often using the app during the week and when you should cut back on your Instagram use.

If you feel you need some help staying off Instagram, the dashboard has a Daily Reminder tool.

There, users can set a time limit for how many hours they can use the app each day.

When the timer expires, Instagram will serve up a push notification saying you've reached the end of your daily limit.

In addition, there's also Notification Settings, which let users mute push notifications from Instagram.


There, users can turn off notifications for likes, comments, when people start filming live videos and a slew of other features.

In August, Instagram said it would be launching new tools around helping people manage their time in the app.

The features are supposed to help educate people on their app usage, as well as how they interact on the social network.

Facebook has talked about launching its own tools, called 'Your time on Facebook,' but those have yet to appear in the app.

Similarly, Facebook's time management features let users see a bar graph breakdown of their daily average time spent on the app over the course of a week.

Users can also set time limits, manage notification settings and more.

Facebook director for the UK and Ireland Steve Hatch said the tools would help raise awareness of how people are spending their time online.

'We all recognise that technology is playing a greater role in our daily lives,' he said.

'We feel a responsibility to help ensure that time on Facebook is time well spent.'

It comes as a wave of other tech giants have also launched time management tools.

Apple released 'Screen Time' in iOS 12, which lets users see how much time they're spending on all their apps.

They can also see which apps are sending the most notifications and how often they're picking up their iPhone.

Google also launched its suite of 'Digital Wellbeing' tools, which include parental controls, how much time you've spent on specific apps and other features.


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