Israel Museum Unveils Oldest Hebrew Inscription With Jerusalem Name

Published October 10th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem unveiled the latest spectacular addition to its archeology collection, a column drum dating from the Herodian period that is the first written evidence of the name Jerusalem, in a Tuesday press conference. The artifact is now on display in the archeology wing of the museum. 

"Dudolos of Jerusalem" was etched on a limestone column drum that was a part of a building that stood in a Jewish potters' village near the entrance of the Jerusalem during the Second Temple period.

Prior to this find, the city's name was written as Yerushalem or Shalem. This inscription is the first time the city was written as Yerushalayim.

This artifact was found last winter during an archeological rescue dig performed outside of the city ahead of the paving of a planned road near the Jerusalem International Conference Center.

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