Jessa Tells All to Visit Nude Beach to Experience Liberation

Published December 6th, 2018 - 08:00 GMT

Visiting a nudist beach is something many people - prudish or otherwise - could not imagine doing.

But one young woman is urging all women to try one this summer - in order to feel more 'liberated'.

Jessa O'Brien, 29, from the Gold Coast, recalled her first experience at a nudist beach on the Great Ocean Road in 2013 - and the joy of 'frolicking' naked with strangers.

'It was nearing the end of 2013 and a group of friends and I had hired out a house along the Great Ocean Road for New Year's Eve,' Jessa recalled on her blog.

'While the party house boasted an awesome pool, not being big fans of tan lines at the time, my best friend and I were looking to get away and get topless.'

Jessa said she had been sunbathing topless for around four years beforehand, but had never fully gone nude on the beach.

However, that evening on her New Year's break, she and a couple of friends decided it was time.

'After a walk along Southside Beach, the further down we walked, the less bikini-clad the beachgoers became,' she recalled.

'Destination reached! Off came the tops!'.

The young women quickly stripped down so that they were naked.

'Naked passers by waved and greeted us in such a warm and welcoming manner. I felt right at home,' Jessa explained.

'Whilst we were seemingly the youngest members there, we weren't feeling objectified in the slightest, as some may assume to be the case with a couple of naked 25-year-old females.

'It was so much more liberating than I had anticipated.'

Looking back, Jessa said this was a 'rather pivotal point on my nudist journey'.

'While I had been topless sunbaking for the last four or so years prior to this event, this particular experience helped me to appreciate the fact that the nude beach felt like so much more of a judgment-free zone in comparison to your average textile beach.

'It helped me to understand that most genuine nudists do not have some hidden agenda.'

The 29-year-old - who now blogs as 'The Nude Blogger' - said if you've never been to a nude beach before, you may assume 'that when you're naked around strangers, you're going to be objectified and sexualised'.

'Well this excursion to the nude beach helped me to appreciate that this isn't necessarily the case.'

She said a 'random, middle-aged naked man did not make two younger females feel uncomfortable or sexualised, even though we were all naked'.

'This was damn refreshing! It also highlighted the fact that nudists are obviously doing something right if they could respectfully co-exist naked amongst one another, despite age, gender, race or size.

'For me, there's absolutely no turning back!'.

Jessa recommends that all men and women try a nudist beach, as 'you never know unless you give it a go'.

In her time, Jessa has since dined naked with strangers with a married couple, as well as taken up nude yoga classes.

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