Jordan Ministry to Pay 'Indebted Women' Via UAE Red Crescent

Published January 2nd, 2019 - 10:09 GMT

The Ministry of Social Development on Monday signed a cooperation agreement with the Justice Ministry and Public Security Department (PSD) to pay the debts of gharimat (indebted women) through the UAE’s Red Crescent (ERC) initiative.

Minister of Social Development Basma Ishaqat thanked the ERC initiative, which included the donation of AED2 million (JD400,000) to cover the debts of around 1,600 Jordanian women, who are either serving prison terms or wanted for failing to pay their debts, according to a Ministry of Social Development statement.

The Ministry of Social Development, in cooperation with its partners, conducted studies on those listed in order to identify the characteristics of the gharimat, said Ishaqat.

The minister said that they studied the nature of each case, along with the amount involved, noting that they excluded cases of fraud and breach of trust. The controls also considered the replication of debts in order to discourage a repetitious cycle, she added.


Justice Minister Bassam Talhouni praised the ERC initiative, saying it is a good chance for indebted women to end a difficult period and start a new life, as this coincides with issuing the general pardon and the New Year.

Talhouni said that women must consider the financial capacity that fits their circumstances and avoid signing unnecessary financial commitments.

PSD Assistant Director Brig. Gen. Walid Battah said that the PSD welcomed the initiative, which has positive impacts, stressing the PSD’s preparedness to cooperate and coordinate with the initiative.

The initiative is not the first of its kind launched in Jordan. In previous years, dozens of Jordanian women who were in prison for failing to repay debts were released during the month of Ramadan, following a fund raising campaign by a police radio station, and another one launched last year by the Zakat Fund.


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