Jordan's Irbid Workers End 4-Day Strike, Trash Abound Municipality

Published October 14th, 2018 - 08:47 GMT
Workers in the Greater Irbid Municipality held 4-day strike. (Facebook photo)
Workers in the Greater Irbid Municipality held 4-day strike. (Facebook photo)

Workers in the Greater Irbid Municipality on Saturday announced they will suspend their strike as of Sunday.

The municipal council decided not to take administrative action against the protestors, whose strike lasted for four days, to demand improved work and living condition rights, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported on Saturday.

Attendees of an emergency council meeting decided to form a committee comprising of three representatives from the council and three municipality employees to determine what demands should be referred to a ministerial meeting scheduled on Sunday.

The attendees said it was important to grant the ministerial committee an opportunity to discuss the demands in all the Kingdom’s municipalities, before referring them to the Cabinet within two weeks.

They also called on all administrative, technical and service personnel to resume carrying out their duties as usual in order to avoid facing any fines stipulated in the law.

Suspending the strike was a result of joint efforts between the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, the Interior Ministry and relevant government departments, Petra reported on Friday.

The strike by municipality workers around the country and photos of the subsequent sanitation problems in the governorates, had recently made their way onto social media, sparking a debate about the workers’ actions.

Photos of piled garbage blocking the streets and sidewalks in Irbid, Karak and Ajloun became the focus points of online discussions.

The photos, which were described as “disgusting” and “shameful” by many Jordanians, were the result of a strike that has been ongoing since Tuesday, paralysing municipality services.

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