Kardashian Super-Fan Spends $166K to Look Like Kim

Published November 28th, 2018 - 04:00 GMT
Jordan Parke (Twitter)
Jordan Parke (Twitter)

A Kim Kardashian super-fan who nearly died after contracting a flesh-eating bug during a botched 'bottom lift' has undergone a second surgery to look like his idol.

Jordan Parke, from Dudley, West Midlands, spent two months battling necrosis after his first £8,500 ($10,899) procedure in Istanbul, Turkey.

But after finally recovering, he flew out to another Turkish clinic in Izmir - the same one where British mother, Leah Cambridge, died in August after suffering three heart attacks following a botched Brazilian butt lift - and paid another £5,000($6,411) to enlarge his bum using his own body fat.

The plastic surgery addict, 27, has spent £130,000 ($166,694) on more than 80 cosmetic procedures over the past eight years including three nose jobs, chin implants, and Botox.

Jordan is determined to have a derriere just like Kim Kardashian's and says he will stop at nothing to achieve it - despite the complications leaving him in 'unbearable' pain.

He said: 'The first time I had the surgery a huge hole appeared on my right bum cheek that was full of pus and flesh.

'The pain was unbearable and despite being told everything was normal at first, I was later diagnosed with necrosis, a flesh eating bug, and was given antibiotics.


'I'd chosen to have liposuction on my stomach so I could have the fat transferred into my bum along with the implants. But I could have died as the infection I caught after surgery is life threatening.

'It didn't put me off having more surgery, I just ensured I booked with another clinic for my second bum lift this time.

'I'm a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and her bum and I'll stop at nothing to ensure mine is as big as hers.

'Now I'm back from having my second surgery I couldn't be happier so far. I had more fat transferred into it so give it a better more perky shape.'

He claims no UK clinic would make his bottom as large as he wanted - so he turned to options abroad.

He added: 'What happened to Leah at the clinic in Turkey was awful but it does have a good reputation and that's why I chose it.

'Thankfully I was one of the lucky ones.'

Jordan is now eight days post surgery and is so far happy with his results - and hopes to eventually have a bum to rival his idol's.

He said: 'My aim is to one day have a bum that Kim K is jealous of. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon with perfecting my body.

'I run my own business called The Lip King Aesthetics so it's important that I take care of my appearance too.

'I'm currently happy with my bum now but that's not saying I won't have more lifting surgery.

'I'd tell anyone thinking about having BBL surgery to think about the risks first, I did and my life was worth risking both times.'

Jordan had his first surgery when he was just 17 and says nearly every part of his face has been tweaked.

He added: 'I identify as a gay man but I'll shop in both the male and female sections.

'I'd always hated my bum but I knew no clinics in the UK would give me the 500c implants I wanted and that's why I went to Turkey.

'It was a total disaster the first time around, it took just five days before I realised something was going wrong.

'I woke up covered in leaking fluid from my bum and soon after a large hole appeared and I could actually see the implant inside.

'I'm just so lucky that I had no lasting damage.'


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