Lebanese 10-Year-Old Impels Readers With Creative 'Dream' Story

Published November 20th, 2018 - 10:35 GMT
(The Daily Star)
(The Daily Star)

The following story was written by Amy Beaini, in Grade 8B at Shouf National College as part of a nationwide media campaign coordinated by children’s book author and publisher Rania Zaghir. The accompanying drawing was made by Jenna al-Halabi, a 10-year-old attending Broummana High School.

I walked toward the entrance of the park and stood there in silence as I felt for the rustiness of the gate.Everything was so peaceful yet it seemed like this silence spoke a million words. The creaking of the gate disturbed the silence as I pushed it open, and entered the free world.

Shuffling my feet against the soft grass, I began walking further into the wilderness and acknowledged the trees that stood so high.

They made me feel protected, as if nothing could reach me in my perfect world. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes. The smell of nature was beyond quintessential.

I let go of myself, all my worries and problems, and fell into the warm but slightly wet hug of the grass, I connected with the ground and allowed gravity to hold me down.

All the flowers were shooting their vibrant colors at my eyes as I opened them. I got up and slowly jogged towards the pond, knelt down and reached for the water.

The sparkling water glistened under the smiles of the sun. As my fingers met the water, cool chills were sent down my spine. And I looked up to see an alluring, while goose ... just floating there. It was so white and so ... free. Why was I thinking this all of a sudden? I attempted to reach out for it, just to feel the pureness of the miracle right before my naked eyes ... but I couldn’t reach it.

“Wake up” ... What?

“WAKE UP” I sprang up from my bed and caught my breath.

Examining my surroundings I realized that I wasn’t in an abandoned park at all. And right next to me was my mother who was shaking me; she said looking horrified, “Get up now, you must work or he will get mad my dear,” barely stopping to take breath. As if the thought of “him” frightened her to the bones.

Misery dawned upon my soul as I realized I wasn’t free, I wasn’t in a park, in fact I was on an old mattress in my confined life; nowhere near mother nature. And it was all ... just a dream.

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