Lebanese Army Warn Against Use of Gunfire on New Year Celebrations

Published December 30th, 2018 - 01:20 GMT
(AFP/ File)
(AFP/ File)

The Lebanese Army Sunday urged residents to refrain from celebratory gunfire over the New Year's holiday and reiterated it was imposing heightened security measures across the country for the occasion.

"Army units have been implementing strict security measures across Lebanon for the holidays," an Army statement said, stressing that legal action will be taken against anyone who shoots into the air to celebrate the New Year.

In a meeting with President Michel Aoun Friday, Army Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun said the Army was fully prepared to respond to incidents during the holiday season. “This is for people to celebrate in safety,” Gen. Aoun said.

The Lebanese Red Cross also said Friday that hundreds of its paramedics will be ready on New Year’s Eve to handle any incidents, while calling on people to adhere to its safety instructions.

Internal Security Forces head Maj. Gen. Imad Othman also met with the president Friday, and assured citizens in a statement afterward that his agency was carrying out its duties to the fullest.

“Around 13,000 ISF personnel will be stationed across different parts of the country, places of worship and places of celebrations to preserve security,” Othman told Aoun during their meeting, according to a statement from the presidency.

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