Lebanon Breaks Guinness World Record With 40-meter Mankoushe

Published August 20th, 2018 - 07:39 GMT
(The Daily Star)
(The Daily Star)

Rmeileh’s annual festival cooked up the world’s largest-yet mankoushe Saturday evening, with over 150 kilograms of dough and help from 50 volunteers.

At 43.9 meters long and 50 centimeters wide, the mankoushe was topped with a mixture of 12 kgs of zaatar and dozens of liters of olive oil.

After the dough was kneaded for over two hours, it was spread across a giant cast iron saj griddle that was custom made for the occasion, while Lebanese residents and expats followed the event in real time through live social media streams.

Volunteers decorated the flatbread with slices of tomato, cucumber and olives in the shape of the Lebanese national flag.

While the food didn’t officially break the standing Guinness record for the largest mankoushe - recorded at 32 meters in 2015 in Lebanon’s Choueifat - the attempt will be presented to the Guinness World Records on Monday.

There were two weeks of preparations leading up to the event, which took place within Rmeileh’s annual festival and was organized by the Mar Antonios NGO and supervised by the Rmeileh Municipality.

“Through this mankoushe, we wanted to shed light on Rmeileh from a touristic angle,” Rita Boulos, head of the NGO, said. “We made sure to use ingredients - the dough, zaatar and oil - that are locally produced in Rmeileh,” she added.

Rmeileh Mayor Georges Khoury said the event also brought together the people of Rmeileh, the majority of which he said no longer lived in the town, in addition to attracting local tourism to the Chouf from other cities.

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