Lebanon Remembers 42nd Year Assassination of Druze Leader

Published March 17th, 2019 - 11:40 GMT
PSP marks anniversary of Kamal Joumblatt's assassination. (The Daily Star)
PSP marks anniversary of Kamal Joumblatt's assassination. (The Daily Star)

The Progressive Socialist Party Saturday commemorated its founder Kamal Joumblatt on the 42nd anniversary of his assassination, in a ceremony in his hometown of Mukhtara in Chouf.

Walid Joumblatt, the current head of the party and son of the late Druze leader, described his father as “the martyr of Arabism, Lebanon and Palestine.”

He said on Twitter Friday night that “after 42 years, he remains in us. ... We tell you, ‘for the last 42 years, you thought you killed us and eliminated us. But we held on and remained here and fought, and we will triumph.’”

His son, MP Teymour Joumblatt, joined him at the ceremony in Mukhtara.

MP Bahia Hariri also attended, representing her nephew, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is currently in Paris for medical tests, according to a statement from his office.

Other figures in attendance included MPs Mohammad Hajjar and Osama Saad as well as Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari.

Bukhari honored the “historic relationship” between his country and Walid Joumblatt in televised remarks.

“We all must be here today to express our solidarity and presence alongside Walid Bek,” Bukhari said.

Kamal Joumblatt, who was assassinated on March 16, 1977, had also been the head of the Lebanese National Movement coalition at the time. In addition to being a politician, he was known for being an intellect who had written about philosophy, society and spirituality.

In his testimony at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon hearing in The Hague in 2015, Walid Joumblatt told the court that he was convinced Syria was behind his father’s assassination.

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