Man Sets Luggage on Fire in Pakistan After Flight Cancelled

Published November 19th, 2018 - 12:00 GMT

This is the bizarre moment an irate passenger set his luggage on fire after his flight was cancelled.

The man had reportedly become enraged when his Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane was grounded due to bad weather.

The passenger was filmed igniting his clothes in the middle of the lounge at Islamabad Airport before being confronted by security.

The man was said to have lost his temper when his 7am flight to Gilgit was firstly delayed on Thursday for technical reasons, and then had to be canceled due to bad weather.

He was recorded trying to use one piece of burning clothing to ignite the rest of his luggage.


Smoke began billowing from his belongings and when guards approached with fire extinguishers, he tried to kick them away.

He was then confronted by security and he appeared to give up his hands to be arrested.

The flames were extinguished by Civil Aviation Authority fire fighters before they spread.

A PIA spokesperson told Dawn that passengers were moved to hotels to await a new flight, which was scheduled for them on Friday.

'No airline can risk flying a passenger plane in bad weather,' the spokesperson said.

'PIA has opted to forgive and forget the incident that happened at Islamabad International Airport on November 15.'


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