Media Lies Against Saudi Women

Published February 1st, 2019 - 06:00 GMT

I’ve never been opposed to women demanding their rights. Actually, I am very much in favor of it and against any kind of injustice to women. However, anyone who is trying to defend those rights must be honest and must not engage in spreading lies and false information, especially at a time when haters of our country are taking false information and turning it into “facts”.

The first lie promoted by hostile media is that Saudi women cannot have medical treatment or surgery without the approval and signature of their male guardian. This is totally not the case. The actual procedure in all hospitals is to ask patients for their signature before any surgery is performed. Even the ER will ask for your signature signifying approval of any medical procedure. Moreover, the one who is signing must, of course, be an adult. Hospitals do not ask for a guardian’s signature, unless the patient is underage or unconscious. In such a case, another person will sign on their behalf. That is simply the entire procedure.

The second lie is that a Saudi woman cannot get an education without her guardian’s permission. This has never happened in the management system of educational institutions. Many people have studied, and graduated from university without a male guardian’s permission.


The third lie is that Saudi women cannot work without a male guardian’s permission. This procedure has been cancelled for more than seven years in most job sectors. In fact, requiring a male guardian’s approval for work is something that may be done on an individual basis and is not based on any legal system. The directive of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman is clear on women’s empowerment. No job sector may request a male guardian’s approval before hiring a woman.

In addition, according to labor laws Saudi women have the right to receive a salary that is equal to that received by male employees. Furthermore, women have special privileges such as having fully paid maternity leave, breast-feeding hours, and a four-month mourning leave for widows.

We have to be logical when it comes to women’s rights. Demands and grievances must be legitimate and based on the truth. Lies and false stories will only be taken seriously by those who believe such things.

This opinion article written by Samar Al-Miqrin has been adapted from its original source.

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