Miracle Man Comes Back From The Dead

Published March 25th, 2019 - 12:00 GMT

In a bizarre incident, a postman who had been dead for almost half an hour, came back to life while he was being taken to a morgue.

According to a Mirror report Joao Araujo is being called the 'Miracle Man' by doctors after his miraculous recovery following a cardiac arrest. The team of doctors and medics has no explanation for how he was able to leave the hospital three weeks after what happened to him.

He was coming out of the driveway when he suffered a cardiac arrest on April 18, 2009. His wife Grazielle, who was in the car with him said that she was horrified when she saw his eyes roll, hands clench and tongue flip over into his throat.

She somehow managed to get out of the car and called the ambulance with the help of a neighbor. All treatments including CPR and injections were deemed futile and the doctors declared him dead later.


His family was informed of the unfortunate occurrence who called Joao Araujo's parents to inform them of the same.

Surprisingly, the nurses noticed a movement in his body while taking him to the morgue. This was 21 minutes before blood circulation got back to his heart spontaneously.

The chief of the cardiology unit informed the family of his miraculous return from death.

This is not the first time that he has evaded death. Gloucester Live reports that he was saved earlier after being involved in a life-threatening crash resulting in 90 per cent blood loss.


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