But will he keep his word? Morsi-o-meter finds out

Published June 25th, 2012 - 10:47 GMT
The Morsi Meter
The Morsi Meter

He has barely been sworn in but already new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is being called to account by the Egyptian people. This is the hotbed of Arab democracy after all and what better way to keep your president on his toes than an online campaign to track his election promises? 

The new Morsi Meter is an initiative created by non-profit organization, Zabatak, designed to track whether the Brotherhood candidate follows through on pre-election promises. It follows in the footsteps of US initiatives, such as the truth-o-meter, outing lying politicians online. 

Using citizen journalists from across Egypt and beyond, the application will closely monitor Morsi for his first 100 days in office. Even the cynical Egyptian Twitterati have so far been impressed by the idea.

And it’s no mean feat to keep track: Morsi has issued election guarantees on everything from the economy to the environment to women’s rights and of course, Shariah Law.

Seeking to placate liberal voters scared off by the idea of an Islamic state, the former Brotherhood member assured Egyptians that women would have equal rights in his new Egypt alongside promising civil society programs for Egyptian female divorcees.

He also guaranteed freedom of expression for individuals and for the press, which he may live to regret as the Morsi Meter kicks into action. 


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