Nina Finally Marries Her Childhood Lover Joey in U.S. Hospital Days Before She Died

Published September 20th, 2018 - 07:00 GMT
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(Shutterstock/File Photo)

Marriages are made in heaven, they say, and so was this one too.

Nina Marino, 19, married her childhood lover in a hastily arranged wedding at a Florida hospital just days before she succumbed to cancer on September 6.

Marino, who was terminally ill, was on ventilator when she and Joey Williams, 21, exchanged wedding vows in the intensive care unit of St Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa. The couple had hoped to get married in a church, but were forced to bring the ceremony forward after a doctor told them Marino likely wouldn't make it through the night.

Marino lived for three more days after marrying Williams, of Clearwater, Florida, who said, "It wasn't the wedding of our dreams but it was the wedding that made our dreams come true. It was really important to her. It was one of the things that she absolutely wanted to do, one of the things I wanted to do," quoted Williams as saying in People.



They tied the knot in front of about 30 relatives, friends and hospital workers as Marino wore her wedding dress and a headband of flowers. She clutched a bouquet in her hands and was kissed on the cheek by Williams, who was wearing a tuxedo, in a ceremony that was quickly thrown together by family.

Instead of gloom there was glee as a guitarist played songs and the hospital room was decorated with photos of the couple. Moreover, the couple hired a photographer at the last minute, Nil Patel, and he documented the couple's nuptials.

While Marino and Williams had hoped to get married on September 4 at a church in Tampa but the day before the ceremony Nina's health deteriorated and a doctor believed she had just to live. "The doctor encouraged us that, if we wanted to be married, we should do it that day. It was a lot all at once. Nina just said, 'Okay, let's do it'," Williams said.

Marino and Williams had been friends since they were eight-years-old, and started dating in June last year, a month after she was diagnosed with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, a type of soft tissue cancer. She had a tumour removed from her head and underwent chemotherapy, but was told her cancer was terminal.


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