No mercy on Morsi! Egyptians ridicule deposed President

Published July 4th, 2013 - 11:14 GMT
Many of the Egyptian artists are having a field day with deposed President Morsi.
Many of the Egyptian artists are having a field day with deposed President Morsi.

 Egyptians, famed for a sense of humour, have made former Islamist President Mohammad Morsi, the butt of sarcastic barbs and jokes since street protests erupted against his year-old rule on Sunday.

“Go out, you sheep!” chanted thousands of opposition protesters gathering in the iconic Tahrir Square. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group are often derided by opponents as ‘sheep’, allegedly for being blindly obedient to the Brotherhood’s influential supreme guide.

Reacting to Morsi’s late Tuesday speech in which he vowed to stay in office defying calls for him to step down, one opponent wrote on the Facebook page: “He has two more speeches to deliver before joining Mubarak.” Morsi’s predecessor, Hosni Mubarak, gave three televised addresses during an 18-day uprising, which eventually forced him to step down on February 11, 2011.

Other opponents of Morsi have compared his “expiry date” to that of chips. “History will record that the sell-by date of a chips bag is six months, while that of Morsi is 48 hours only,” one opposition activist wrote on a twitter. The army gave Morsi a 48-hour deadline starting Monday afternoon to end a political standoff or risk a military intervention expected to depose him.

Another activist, wrote on Facebook reproaching media analysts about the post-Morsi era, saying: “Enough sophisticated talk, please. Let’s enjoy the moment. We don’t topple a president every day. It only happens every two years!”

A popular joke about Morsi’s “accomplishments” goes as this: “He has regained Egyptians’ confidence in the military rule; boosted Mubarak’s popularity; sent the local pound plummeting against the dollar; scaring investors off Egypt and he is the only president in the world who addresses his people past midnight!”

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