NY Manhattan Penthouse With $15,000 Per Month Designed For Dream 'Influencers'

Published October 2nd, 2018 - 09:00 GMT
 New York's most instagrammable luxurious Manhattan SoHo Penthouse but nobody lives in it because it's rented by Village Marketing for infuencers (Twitter)
New York's most instagrammable luxurious Manhattan SoHo Penthouse but nobody lives in it because it's rented by Village Marketing for infuencers (Twitter)

A millennial pink sofa? Check. A splendid spa-style bathtub? Check. A gorgeous rooftop deck with views of the New York City skyline? Check.

This penthouse apartment in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood is an Instagrammer's dream – and that's because it's designed to be.

Nobody actually lives in the lavish 2,400 sq ft space, which rents for a staggering $15,000 a month. But it doesn't sit empty either.

It is designed to work as a backdrop for Instagram stars with large followings – otherwise known as 'influencers.'



Village Marketing – which describes itself as an all-female creative influencer agency – opened the space in August and has bookings through the end of the month, the New York Times reports.

In recent weeks, the agency – which connects advertisers like Equinox and McDonald's with influencers, who are paid to promote products on social media – invited some of these personalities to test out the space.

Vickie Segar, the founder of Village Marketing, told the Times that she came up with the idea after spotting that many influencers, particularly those living in shoebox apartments in the city, were struggling when it came to photo shoots.

Some of them were making discreet visits to furniture stores or booking hotel rooms to get the shots they wanted.

The Village Studio, as the Soho apartment is known, is appealing to the young, trendy female influencers the agency works with because of its 'pink design moments and our iconic pink coach,' Segar told the Times.

'Most of our influencers are millennials, most of them love this colour palette,' she added.

As well as the couch, the 'millennial pink' is used for the chairs around the dining table – and gold accents, velvets and furs complete the trendy-looking decor.

Also appealing is the natural light, the library nook, the huge windows and the deep soaking tub that Segar says is perfect for promoting beauty products or a 'floating flower bathtub shot.'

Then there's the 'iconic' wallpaper and a bed piled high with cushions that makes the bedroom Instagram-worthy.

It's already been used for a bra advertisement and a breakfast in bed post – racking thousands of likes each.

And for the perfect outdoor shot, there's the roof deck – ideal for creating envy-inducing images of everything from an outfit to a dinner party with a view.

Segar says it could even pose as somewhere in the middle of the country thanks to the strategic arrangement of potted plants.

And the apartment itself is an advertisement of sorts itself.

It was furnished by furniture company Wayfair and designed by Wayfair Design Services in exchange for the social media exposure, according to the Times.

But Village Marketing is planning to charge brands to hold events in the space, so it can remain free for the influencers who use it for photo shoots.


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