Owner of 'World Sickest Museum' Has Worst Mementos of UK Serial Killers

Published October 9th, 2018 - 06:30 GMT
Mr Jones, who bought the jail from an insurance company, said: 'This collection is all sourced by me personally, my family have no interest at all - they lead a different life (dailymail)
Mr Jones, who bought the jail from an insurance company, said: 'This collection is all sourced by me personally, my family have no interest at all - they lead a different life (dailymail)

The owner of an attraction dubbed 'the world's sickest museum' has revealed how he obtained Rose West's underwear and visits Britain's scariest prisons in his hunt for macabre mementos.

Andy Jones, 57, set up the Crime Through Time Museum at Littledean Jail in Gloucestershire in 2003, and since then has amassed a huge collection, from Myra Hindley's will to suits worn by the Kray twins.

He claims to have visited notorious criminals such as Charles Bronson in prison, and even has notorious killers contacting him directly to hand over some of their possessions in the sick hope of gaining 'immortality'.

Mr Jones, who lives above the reportedly haunted building with his wife and six children, insists he has never done anything illegal to obtain any of his artefacts.



And while he will not reveal how much money he has spent on the exhibits – which include Amy Winehouse's extensions and trademark ballet slippers – he claims they are DNA tested to prove authenticity.

The former builder, who bought the jail from an insurance company, said: 'This collection is all sourced by me personally, my family have no interest at all - they lead a different life.

'People know I'm a collector for the dark tourist industry, and when you get to know other collectors, it opens many more doors.'

Mr Jones claims he is one of few people allowed to visit Class A jails across the UK to contact some of the most feared prisoners.

He also said many of the 'best' items in his collection have come from his friendship with infamous gang member Reggie Kray - who also introduced him to Charles Bronson.

'I visited Reggie and Ronnie a number of number of times. Reggie Kray introduced me to Charles, he said 'oh, have you met Charlie?'

'I've known Charlie for many years since, and has introduced me to a lot of his friends. He's a really nice fella, I still love him to bits but sadly he's not had the rehabilitation to get him released.

'I have the famous boiler suit worn by Charlie, it was given to me by one of the screws who shouldn't have given it away. He's more mischievous than bad, he's not a gangster.'

Mr Jones' dark exhibits also include the spade, shovel, trowel and knife used by notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West - as well as Fred's tie.

He took the clothing and tools from Cromwell Street himself after climbing in through the roof - but claims he was given permission from family members to do so. 'I actually took the clothes and tools from Cromwell Street myself,' he said.

'I was allowed into the house through the family, the family were giving access through the roof as they were selling things from the house.

'I got the tools, Rose's underwear, country records and Fred's work boots. We didn't know it was such a big case at the time otherwise I'd have taken more.'

Mr Jones unearthed Yorkshire Moors killer Myra Hindley's prison files and will after he says he was given the items from somebody within the prison.

He also has a letter to Hindley from Yorkshire playwright Alan Bennett, a friend of the late Winnie Johnson, who never got the chance to find out where her son Keith Bennett was buried at the hands of Moors murderer Ian Brady.

The letter, in which Bennett appears eager to befriend her to discover the location of the body, states: 'I do not seek revenge for Keith, just to have his body found and for the natural grieving process to take its course.

'I hope your leg is getting better and you are on the mend in general, if there is anything I can do to help your Mum, let me know.'

Also on display at the museum are unseen letters sent by the late Princess of Wales from Kensington Palace - asking friends of hers to visit her despite the late Princess saying, 'traffic can be grim on a Monday morning'.

Mr Jones is also the proud owner of a tracksuit owned the serial paedophile Jimmy Saville, which he claims he bought from somebody who originally purchased the item at an auction held by his estate. ­­­

Littledean Jail, which was built in 1788, is described as one of the most haunted places in Gloucestershire.

Mr Jones said: 'I didn't actually pay for Myra Hindley clothes, they were given to me by somebody from inside the prison who didn't like her after Myra gave the clothing to this individual.

'I was offered Lady Diana letters, by another private seller. It was a very tragic tale. I believe in royalty myself.'

Also on display for the first time is the suit worn by Ronnie Kray to the funeral of his mother, Violet, in 1982 as well as his famous grey overcoat which was worn by Kray at his wedding to Elaine Mildener in 1985.

Speaking of his friendship with the Krays, Mr Jones said: 'Reg Kray contacted me initially and a number of other notorious villains got in touch.

'We've had serious killers contact the jail that want to be immortalised. I used to visit Reg, but I don't condone what any of these villains have done.

'I was told by a relative of E for Ernie, as referred to in Ron's 'My Story', that he had a suitcase of clothing belonging to Ron, so I went down with no intentions of buying anything.

'It was going to auction because the brother didn't want anything to do with them. The wife asked for a ridiculous sum, I offered an amount and she said it was insulting.

'The suits were just going to be thrown out, so I had to have them. I've got all of his files and pictures from when he was released.'

The museum has been running for more than 15 years, and recently drew attention from across the world after Netflix documentary Dark Tourist visited the former jail.

Mr Jones said: 'A lot of our visitors are teens and young adults, and surprisingly 70 to 80 per cent of them are young women since the Netflix episode. We do get the odd stalker, however.'


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