Saudi fake Prince denies kidnap and robbery scam

Published April 1st, 2013 - 09:31 GMT
Dubai courtroom
Dubai courtroom

A man who posed as a Saudi Prince has denied kidnapping a visitor.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard how the 33-year-old Saudi defendant and other two men have ben charged with kidnapping, locking up the Dutch victim and robbing him.

The Saudi was also charged with assaulting the victim with a belt.

Records show the Dutch visitor traded in gold and rare stones and was contacted by the Saudi, who claimed to be a prince and said he wanted to sell some gold.

He said they met at a hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road and the trio took them to a flat in Sharjah.

Official records state that they locked the Dutchman in a flat and forced him to pay them money. 

They then took off his clothes and took photographs of him naked.

“I escaped after one of them tried to rape me but I resisted him. I was afraid, thinking he was a real Saudi prince,” he added.

The three have denied the charges and the case was adjourned.

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