Romantic Gestures on Reddit

Published January 14th, 2019 - 12:02 GMT

'Romantic gesture' might conjure images of expensive gifts, candlelit dinners and bouquets of red roses - but these stories prove the reality is far from a fairytale.

Women around the world took to Reddit to share examples of small, everyday ways their partners demonstrated their love.

From cleaning up a stepchild's vomit to unblocking a toilet, these wives and girlfriends explained it is often the grossest and least appealing tasks that carry the greatest weight and say 'I love you' most clearly.

The thread was kicked off by a user who asked: 'What's the most unromantic thing that's happened between you and your significant other that might actually be a stronger indicator of love than others might think?'


People were quick to respond, with illness coming up as a time when their partner took extra care to communicate their affection.

One posted: 'I've been having stomach problems recently where it's really rare when I go to the bathroom. (Doctors have been running tests and what not).

'I was having trouble going to the bathroom and I tested my boyfriend about it and he got out of bed at 11:30 at night, went to the store, and brought me Activia yogurt and probiotic drinks to my house.'

Another added how her husband showed how much he listened by picking up a practical Valentine's Day gift.

'He bought me a microwave for Valentine's Day,' she posted. 'I was over the moon with it, as I'd been talking about needing one and the one he got matched the colour scheme in my kitchen.

'I much prefer practical, useful presents to things like flowers, chocolate, jewellery etc. so it was the best present he could've got me, even though it wasn't traditionally 'romantic'.'

A second woman shared a similar story. 'This year I got an ergonomic desk chair from my fiance,' she wrote. 'I was in pain so many times before this, working at a desk. He just surprised me with it at my work. He is amazing.'

Another added: 'My husband notices every time I change my nail colour and comments on it. Apparently, he prefers pastels to dark colours.


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