Sharks and Sheikhs: 40 sharks infest Saudi waters

Published September 5th, 2013 - 08:26 GMT
Sharks are infesting Jeddah waters in Saudi Arabia (Shark fin/Strejman/Shutterstock)
Sharks are infesting Jeddah waters in Saudi Arabia (Shark fin/Strejman/Shutterstock)

Col. Salih Ash Shahri, a spokesman for the Border Guard in Makkah, has warned all sea-goers, swimmers, divers and fishermen who go to the northern Corniche not to swim, fish or dive in the area.

He said sea patrols had spotted around 40 “dangerous sharks,” some of which were more than 2.5 meters in length.

“Sharks were spotted in large numbers along the northern Corniche to the coral area. There is a designated area for swimming, diving and fishing on Alexandria beach in the Khor Abhor area,” he told Arab News.

“We have designated special areas for swimming and diving. These areas are fenced off and therefore block the entrance of sharks or other dangerous sea animals. There is also another designated area in Sha’arah, south of the Corniche,” he said.

All designated areas have professional divers and lifeguards who are fully equipped and who work around the clock, he said.

“We have installed warning signs that prohibit people from swimming in areas where sharks are likely to be found,” said the official.
“We also warn people against getting close to large sea animals,” he said.

The official said three people drowned during Eid holidays. “We rescued more than 700 people who were either divers or fishermen or were people simply out to enjoy their holiday,” said Col. Ash Shahri.

Most of the people rescued were youngsters, aged between 25 and 30.

“We also rescued 40 malfunctioning boats whose passengers also were young men,” he said.

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