Saudi teen’s suicide bomber prank could land him behind bars

Published October 14th, 2015 - 05:00 GMT

A Saudi teenager who changed his voice and mobile number in a suicide attack call prank will be put on trial next week.

The teenager reportedly downloaded an application that allows users to change their voices and numbers and called a Yemeni expatriate.

He told the shocked Yemeni that he had been selected to play a role in a suicide attack scheduled at a local mosque on the third day of Eid, Saudi daily Okaz reported.

The expatriate contacted the police and informed them about the call he had received about the suicide attack at Al Jafali Mosque.

However, he was later contacted by the teenager's father telling him that he was the victim of a prank planned by his son who said he just wanted to have fun. He explained that his son placed the call through the application that changed his voice and his mobile number.

The case was taken by the police and referred to the prosecution for further investigations.

The father told the investigators that his son downloaded the application and called his friend as part of a prank and that he meant to have fun and tease him.

The son confirmed that the downloaded the application on his father's mobile and that the reference to a suicide attack was just a joke and a prank on his friend.

However, the public prosecutor insisted on pressing charges against the teenager, accusing him of disturbing other people and frightening them through the use of a mobile application as well as disturbing the security authorities through the prank.

By Habib Toumi

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