Score! Refugee tripped up by Hungarian camerawoman offered coaching job in Spain

Published September 18th, 2015 - 08:00 GMT

Fortunes turned Wednesday for a Syrian refugee who was captured on camera fleeing a migrant camp with a child in his arms -- and being intentionally tripped by a Hungarian camerawoman.

Last week, he was a struggling refugee. This week, he's being offered a position as aprofessional soccer coach.

The man, Osama Abdul Mohsen, was nominated for a coaching job with Spain's Getafe FC after the video sparked outrage online. He was attempting to move his family to Germany, to escape persecution in his homeland and Turkey, when he ended up in the refugee camp.

Mohsen and numerous other migrants desperately tried to escape the camp last week -- a chaotic scene that was recorded by a handful of photojournalists. One of them, N1TV camerawoman Petra Laszlo, can be clearly seen in the footage kicking fleeing refugees as she holds her camera on her shoulder.

As Mohsen and his boy run by, Laszlo is seen extending her leg -- sending the father and son tumbling to the ground. She was ultimately fired by N1TV and she issued an apology.

Mohsen replied by saying karma will come around.

"God will not leave this be," he told CNN.

Divine intervention or not, Mohsen's life has now been put on a fast track to success -- thanks to Getafe FC and the National Center for the Fomation of Coaches.

Mohsen was expected to arrive in Spain and meet with club officials Wednesday. The 52-year-old Syrian caught the attention of Getafe FC due to the viral video and his cachet of soccer experience.

Officials also said Mohsen's seven-year-old son, Zaid -- who was in his father's arms when he was tripped by Laszlo -- may even have an opportunity to play for the soccer club someday.

"This is another step to demonstrate the solidarity of the town of Getafe to this social drama," Getafe Mayor Sara Hernandez said.

Officials said Mohsen and his son will be provided with a home in Getafe -- a suburb of Madrid.

By Doug G. Ware 

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