Sharjah Police Cracks Down on Those Misusing Mosque Parking, Fines Imposed

Published May 21st, 2018 - 03:37 GMT
(AFP/ File Photo)
(AFP/ File Photo)

The police cracked down on the unholy practice and fined motorists who were using the free parking zones.

The Sharjah Police have stepped up patrols and inspections around mosques to book motorists who exploit free parking lots earmarked only for worshippers during the prayers. It has warned that misusing such spaces would entail a fine of Dh500 and four black points.

From the very first day of Ramadan, the patrols found massive chaos around mosques during the prayer time due to haphazard parking, which blocked the roads and hindered smooth flow of traffic, pointed out Major Omar Bin Ghanem, head of the patrol and traffic department of Sharjah Police. Some residents who lived close to the mosques were using the parking area when the prayers were not being performed, which made it difficult for the worshippers to park their cars when they came for prayers, he pointed out.

The police cracked down on the unholy practice and fined motorists who were using the free parking zones that were meant only for worshippers. He warned that those who misuse these zones would be slapped a fine of Dh500 ($136) and given four black points.

Major Ghanem said drivers who stop their cars in the middle of the road without reason will be fined Dh500 ($136) and invite four black points as per Article 41 of the Traffic Act.

He pointed out that haphazard parking of vehicles near mosques during Taraweeh prayers disrupts traffic and creates congestion. "It also hinders timely arrival of ambulances and fire trucks at the site in case of accidents or fires, which could result in loss of lives and property."

Major Ghanem said the police are intensifying deployment of patrols around the mosque parking areas. They are sprucing up the security in the vicinity of residential neighbourhoods in different areas of the emirate, especially in the evening.

Areas where patrols will remain deployed include the external roads like Malihah Street, the Emirates Road and Dhaid and Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The internal patrols will cover fields, intersections, markets, and roads.

The police are raising public awareness about the dangers of improper parking of vehicles in front of mosques during prayers and have distributed literature regarding it in various languages.

Major Ghanem urged drivers to park their vehicles at designated parking areas, abide by traffic regulations, and take into account the rights of others who use the roads.

Major Ahmed Sabousi of the community police said their role in the holy month is to check all negative behaviours such as use of fireworks in the neighbourhoods, movement of hawkers, mobile vendors and beggars. The community police have been deployed since the first day of Ramadan and will continue their presence until the end of the month to establish direct communication with various segments of the society. "We are working on proactive campaigns to reduce accidents and reduce every kind of negative phenomena," he said.

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