Social Influencer Beauty With 5.1 Million Followers Shares Sexy Tips

Published November 14th, 2018 - 02:00 GMT
(Negin Mirsalehi/ Instagram)
(Negin Mirsalehi/ Instagram)

Negin Mirsalehi is a social media sensation.

The Amsterdam-based beauty has a whopping 5.1 million Instagram followers and over a quarter of a million YouTube subscribers.

This weekend her devoted fans helped her win the coveted REVOLVE Influencer of The Year award (for the second time!) at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. After the show, she sat down with FEMAIL and revealed the secret to her gorgeous hair, what she puts on to look fierce, and more.

Negin walked the red carpet of the show in a floor-length Michael Costello dress featuring a plunging V neckline and thigh-high slit.

Her signature long brown hair was worn loose in perfectly undone but done waves, with barely-there makeup highlighting her naturally beautiful features.

'I have so many mixed emotions about winning, Negin revealed to FEMAIL.

'Revolve was the first company to believe in Influencers, they were the pioneers in knowing how to work with us to create a win-win situation; to get this from them is awesome, and twice is absolutely crazy.'

'The REVOLVE Influencer of the Year award is voted on by the fans, so I really have to thank my followers for it,' said the humble blogger.

'Because of this new digital era, we're so connected all over the world. For me, I'm connected with my family in Iran and with my followers around the globe, its really special that we can do this through Instagram or YouTube.

'But I say mixed emotions because I'm such good friends with everyone I was nominated with (Camila Coelho, Aimee Song, Olivia Culpo, Danielle Bernstein, Rocky Barnes, Sara Escudero, Mary Lawless Lee, Jenn Im, and Marianna Hewitt). We support each other and I feel like we're all winners.'

She's a busy bee

While being a style blogger may seem like a walk in the park, Negin's schedule is far from leisurely.

Having her own bee-based hair-care brand, Gisou, she splits her time between working on the line and creating content for her social media platforms.

'I spend two weeks at home in the office and approximately two weeks traveling for me as an Influencer.

'When I'm at home, it's office during the day and being with family and friends at night. When I'm traveling, I spend the morning writing emails, the afternoon creating content and going to meetings, followed by industry events or dinners.'

Always on the go, something's gotta give

'My closet is very unorganized, admitted the star. There are suitcases laying open, some from weeks ago that I still need to unpack.'

But even with her busy schedule she makes time for self-care, and doesn't feel the pressure to constantly be camera ready.

'I don't feel stressed to always look good. I think it's so important for people to take it slow. At home in the office, I don't wear makeup and I share that with my followers. It's nice to share both sides of me.'

When Negin talks hair, we listen and take notes

Her self-funded hair-care line is inspired by her family's history as sixth generation beekeepers.

'My favorite beauty product is Gisou's Honey Infused Oil, it's the first product we launched and it's made from honey from my dad's bee garden; my mom always used it on us.'

Her other beauty secrets include not washing your hair too often and avoiding over experimentation with different products. She suggests finding a routine and sticking to it.

Self-expression through clothing

Negin loves shopping REVOLVE because 'they carry so many different brands that match my different moods.'

'When I'm going to a party or an event, I'll shop NBD; if I'm going on vacation, I check out the latest offerings from Tularosa; when I want to look fierce, I turn to h:ours.

For fall she's tapping into her inner boss babe. 'I'm currently loving the office look but in a fun, slouchy way, like an over-size blazer with beautiful jeans and classic knee-high leather boots.'

Inspiring advice to her fans

'A lot of girls who watch my YouTube videos and follow me Instagram want to become Influencers.

'To them I want to say don't be afraid, if this is really what you want, go for it. But don't underestimate it, it's hard work.

'Don't let anyone tell you that there are already enough Influencers out there because that's something that they told me. It's never too late.'

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