Top South Korean Korean Filmmaker, Actor Accused of Repeated Sexual Conduct

Published August 9th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
Actor Cho Jae-hyun (Twitter)
Actor Cho Jae-hyun (Twitter)

Award-winning South Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk and actor Cho Jae-hyun have been accused of multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations in an investigative TV report Tuesday.

The report by MBC's PD Notebook detailed decades of sexual harassment and assault allegations against the two influential figures in the South Korean movie scene. New accusations emerged in the TV program, in addition to a slew of sexual abuse allegations made a couple of months ago.

Actresses and female film staff accused director Kim, winner of the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival in 2012, of inappropriate behavior and harassment.

A movie makeup artist who was part of his production team said Kim approached her and asked her to have sex with him. When she said no, he followed her to her hotel.

"Women staff members used to say you have to show up at his filming sites like a filthy bum or be ready to deal with his harassment," she said in an interview with PD Notebook.



An actress also accused Kim of putting his hand into her shorts while she was sitting on a bench awaiting a taxi.

"That's how he harassed women," she said in the TV program.

Another former staffer alleged that the 58-year-old director put his hands under a rookie actress' skirt, rubbed her belly and kissed her forcefully.

"When the actress ran out of the studio, he gave me an address to find her," the former staff member said.

PD Notebook requested to interview Kim regarding the sexual harassment and assault allegations, but he denied.

Actor Cho Jae-hyun was also accused of sexually assaulting an actress and a woman in bathrooms.

Cho, dubbed director Kim's other "persona," has appeared in many movies directed by Kim.

An actress revealed that Cho pushed her into a bathroom, saying he would teach her acting, and locked the door and kissed her forcefully.

Another woman said she was threatened by Cho when he met her at a karaoke bar in Seoul.

"Cho followed me when I went to a bathroom and told me to shut my mouth," she said.

Cho released a statement through his lawyer saying the allegations are not true.


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