UAE Breaks World Record for New Year's Laser and Light Show

Published January 1st, 2018 - 07:56 GMT

As the clock chimed 12, Burj Khalifa came alive with a spectacular laser show that triggered a collective gasp from thousands gathered and with that a new Guinness world record for the largest laser light and sound show on one single structure.

The world's tallest tower was bathed in dazzling laser lights in a dynamic dance synchronized with music.

The 10-minute laser show began with a display of 2018 being Year of Zayed and went on to display the symbols of the nation - The UAE flag, the falcon in flight and the Arabic language - all to fanfare music.

There was deafening applause as the excited crowds cheered, whistled and clapped, many hugging their loved ones, ushering in 2018 with this grand light and sound show.

The entire Downtown Dubai was transformed into a fantasy land for New Year's Eve and the buzz and begun building up from 3pm earlier in the day. Thousands crossed over from metro stations with chilren in prams, cameras around their neck and expensive bookings for dinner at restaurants around the fountain in a bid to get a ringside view of the action.

For the thousands who gathered under the cool winter skies to watch never-seen-before displays of lasers, lights and fireworks, the wait was worth every minute.

The Burj Khalifa was the centrepiece of attraction, beaming the UAE’s success story, as well as tributes to the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, minutes into 2018 — the Year of Zayed.

The facades of the Burj Khalifa and surrounding high-rises were turned into a canvas for the show, which was also watched live on social media.

Amimar Alag and Manal Bin Khalid, friends from Algeria, fell in love with Dubai when they arrived here a week ago.

“I have been to Dubai earlier but for Manal this is her maiden visit. We think the laser show was absolutely fantastic and it took our breath away!”

“This is my first visit to Dubai and I came here only for nine days but this is something I will never forget,” said a visibly moved Manal.

Nasir Ali, a 29-year-old Pakistani who lives in Ajman, took a day off from work on Sunday to visit Downtown Dubai with his friends.

“This is my first time to see the show at Burj Khalifa. I’ve been here since afternoon and don’t mind waiting till midnight — the weather’s pleasant and the show is not to be missed,” said Ali, who works in the property sector.

Meanwhile, Ras Al Khaimah also hosted a world record bid for the “largest aerial firework shell” as part of the celebrations at Al Marjan Island, the emirate’s first man-made archipelago in the Arabian Gulf.

The event, also featuring live feeds at leading networks, was set to music by 14 renowned composers, accompanying the fireworks from 120 sites. There was a custom countdown by Dan Mullins, the music coordinator of Fireworks by Grucci, going all the way to the crescendo set to James Price’s Caped Crusader.

Over 5,000 cameras in The Dubai Mall area keeping a watchful eye for added security and safety.

After the celebrations, crowds poured out of the area, many heading back to cars parked on the opposite side of Shaikh Zayed Road. There was a beeline on roads heading to Sharjah, where a lot of the revellers had come for the New Year’s Eve shows in Dubai.


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