UAE Slams Fine on Man For Scribbling Urdu Love Poem on Mount Jais

Published October 22nd, 2018 - 11:54 GMT

This is especially common during national holidays and weekly offs.

A love poem written in Urdu on the rocks at Jebel Jais has prompted a stern warning and a Dh500 ($136) fine for the perpetrator.

The Public Services Department's "Raqeb" division in Ras Al Khaimah stated that this graffiti was accompanied by other markings, including two hearts, intertwined and pierced by an arrow; as well as a sketch of a woman's face.

According to Ahmad Hamad Al Shehhi, an official at the PSD, anyone caught distorting the area by marking or coloring the concrete support walls or mountain rocks will be fined according to the list of violations regarding the destruction of public property issued by the PSD.

Raqeb supervisor, Wael Ali Abdel Bari, said that people of Pakistani or Indian descent seem to prevail in making such statements of love, professing their affection to their wives and lovers living outside the UAE.

The beauty of the sentiments aside, the words and paint mar the natural beauty of the landscape and are an affront to public property.

European tourists also write their names and dates on the walls and rocks as a token of their visit, he added.

Usually such violations take place during national holidays and weekly off days.

Diesel is used to scrub the paint off the walls of the rocks.

Jebel Jais rises 1,900 metres over sea level and has the honour of being the highest mountain in the UAE.

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