UAE Tries Man for Groping Co-Worker, Making Sex Moves on Her

Published September 23rd, 2018 - 07:50 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

Prosecutors referred him to the Court of First Instance, charging him with sexual harassment.

A supervisor stood trial at a Dubai court accused of sexually harassing a female staff member. According to public prosecution records, the 28 man seized the opportunity that he was alone with a female worker while both were working at a flat, to make sexual moves on her. He allegedly hugged and groped her. He also inappropriately touched her.

Prosecutors referred him to the Court of First Instance, charging him with sexual harassment. He denied the charge at court. The incident was reported on July 17 to Bur Dubai police station.

The complainant, 30, said she was on the job at 11.30am at a flat, working with her boss (the accused). "We were busy moving furniture from one room to another. I got angry when he grabbed my hand. I pulled it and went to another room."

She recounted how the defendant followed her to that room and then hugged and groped her and inappropriately touched her face. She left the flat and went directly to the police station where she complained against him.

A police corporal, who wrote down the testimonies of both the accused and the complainant, told the prosecutor the defendant admitted to the woman's accusations. "He confessed he grabbed her by her hands, pulling her toward him and hugging her from behind. He claimed he apologised to her when he saw she became upset with his behaviour and that she accepted his apology."

The officer revealed that the defendant had been involved in a similar previous complaint.

Another female worker, 33, recounted to the prosecutor how she saw the victim sad. "She told me that the accused sexually harassed her as he is her work supervisor."

During the public prosecution investigation, the accused confessed he grabbed the complainant by her hand. The court is set to issue a ruling on October 8.

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