Vampire Couple Share Secret Details of Monthly Rituals

Published January 25th, 2019 - 07:42 GMT
Married Vampires Drink ‘Donor’ Girlfriend’s Blood (YT/Screenshot)
Married Vampires Drink ‘Donor’ Girlfriend’s Blood (YT/Screenshot)

A polyamorous couple who live as vampires has shared intimate details about their monthly ritual of feeding off their 'donor' girlfriend's blood.

Logan South, 32, and his wife Daley, 31, open up about their unusual relationship on Friday night's episode of the We TV reality series Extreme Love, demonstrating how they prick their girlfriend Ilona's finger once or twice a month to drink her blood.


'I don't like the way blood tastes. I find it inconvenient to have to do regularly,' Daley admits. 'I'm someone that needs it, but I'm not a big fan of it. For Logan, it can be very sexual for him.'

Although Logan and Daley both wear fangs, they don't need to bite into Ilona's neck and gorge on her blood like a scene in a horror movie to feel satisfied.


In the clip, Daley uses the same tool that diabetics use to prick their fingers to draw Ilona's blood before she and Logan begin hungrily sucking on her fingers.

'You get just the right amount of blood without causing too much of an overflow that you don't need,' Daley says of the lancing device.

The self-proclaimed vampire stresses that 'it's a good idea to know your donor,' explaining that they have Ilona tested for bloodborne illnesses once every six months.

While Daley claims she needs to feed on blood when she is feeling down, she doesn't see it as a sexual thing.

'I'm not turned on while I am drinking blood,' she says, although she admits that Logan finds it to be a far more sensual.

Logan can't stop rubbing Ilona's leg as she describes what the unusual experience feels like for her.

'There is a sense of a very sexual nature to it, you know, because it is someone taking you in,' she explains.

Logan and Daley have been polyamorous from the start of their seven-year relationship, and he admits that he was actually with someone else when he started dating his wife.

'He was very upfront with me when we first met,' Daley explains. 'He said, "Hey, this is what I've always been. This is what I do. I'm open and poly and that's just who I am. Like, I can't change that."'

Although she had never been in an open relationship before, she gave it a shot because she liked Logan so much.

She recalls him touching her hand on their first date and feeling 'this electricity' between them that she couldn't shake.

'I remember going to the bathroom and calling my best friend, being like, "I'm going home with this guy."'

Logan and Daley said 'I do' in 2017 and are known as the 'king and queen' of the Vampire Court of Austin, Texas.

The private members club aims to 'offer a true sense of community for all of Austin's dark awakened' as well as providing 'a safe haven and family environment for all of Austin's vampire community.'

Members dress in full Gothic attire, and Daley had her ears surgically altered so they come to a point at the top.

The community also conforms to a vampire lifestyle including 'feeding.' They believe that if they do not feed, or spend too long in the sun, they will be prone to illness.

'A vampire is someone that, for one reason or another, needs to take in human energy in the form of blood or psychic energy or sexual energy to keep themselves healthy,' Daley explains.

In addition to their monthly feedings, she and her husband sleep during the day to avoid the sun.

Daley says being in the sun for a long period of time will give her a 'pretty bad headache' as well as nausea and tremors.

'I go into direct sunlight as little as possible. I would say maybe a grand total of an hour a week if that,' Logan adds.

Although their lifestyle seems unusual to most people, both Daley and Logan believe they were born to be vampires and have identified as one for half of their lives.

Daley, who had her 'vampiric awakening' as a teenager, insists she doesn't like to drink blood; she does it because she has to.

'The first time I ever drank blood, it was actually a really intense experience for me,' she says, recounting how she was sitting in her English class when she started to feel this 'intense thirst' she had never felt before.

'I ran to the first water fountain I could find and I started gulping down water,' she says. 'I didn't feel any less thirsty. At that point, I happened to run into one of my friends in the hallway that had been helping me through my awakening.'

The friend explained that she was experiencing a thirst for blood and took her to find her donor.  

'We found my friend and they pulled out a lancet and I drank from them and it was immediately gone,' she says of the unquenchable thirst that plagued her. 

According to Daley, a 'majority of vampires commonly awaken during puberty,' something that Logan had experienced as well. 

'I had my vampiric awakening when I was 15 years old,' he explains. 'Being a vampire isn't something that you can just choose. It is something you are born with. It is something that is a part of you.' 

Logan adds: 'The first time I ever consumed blood, it was empowering, heightened all of my senses and sensations — a rush.'


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