Video: Passengers Panic After Plane Starts Shaking Amid Strong Winds

Published February 28th, 2019 - 06:00 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

"I was saying my last prayers. I was thinking my kids and my wife."

It was a harrowing experience for passengers aboard a British Airways which rolled from side to side in the sky on approach to Gibraltar. Flight BA492 took off from London Heathrow at 8.25am on Monday and was scheduled to land in Gibraltar but was forced to land at Malaga in southern Spain.

In the footage captured from the ground shows the Airbus A320 swaying mid-air and close to rolling right over due to high winds. A video on BBC shows a passenger, Eli Hassett, recounting the terrifying flight and says: "I was saying my last prayers. I was thinking my kids and my wife." The man in the video then says: "The captain of the plane came on the PA and she said 'Please buckle up. We might have a bit of a bumpy landing'."

The man added the plane started tilting on a 45 degree angle and the plane was losing height fast.

While another passenger took to Twitter and wrote that she thought they were going to land safely, and that the airline should not have been flying through such conditions. Writing under the handle @Lisahuxstep1, she wrote: 'The most harrowing flight today into Gibraltar from Heathrow! Terrified to say the least my husband and I looked at each other and thought this is it! BA knew high winds were present but still put us in danger'!

A British Airways spokesman said: "The flight has landed safely and passengers have left the aircraft normally. Due to strong winds in the Gibraltar area, our pilots decided to land in Malaga as a precaution."

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