Viral: Throw Your Vans Sneakers in Air. They Will Land Upwards! Try it.

Published March 5th, 2019 - 10:29 GMT
'My mind is blown by this!' twitter uses said about the challenge. (Twitter/ @Gaabriella__)
'My mind is blown by this!' twitter uses said about the challenge. (Twitter/ @Gaabriella__)

A hilarious viral Twitter thread has encouraged hundreds of people to throw their Vans sneakers up into the air in order to see if they land facing upward or not as they take part in the #VansChallenge.

The thread was kicked off by user @Ibelievthehype on Saturday, March 2, when she posted a video of her throwing a pair of the classic skateboarding shoes up into the air, before they landed on the ground with the sole touching the ground and the top of the shoe facing up.

In a caption accompanying the video, the Michigan-based user wrote: 'Did you know it doesn’t matter how you throw your Vans they will land facing up.'

Since the video was posted on Saturday, it has gathered huge attention on the social media site.

The tweet received approximately 200,000 likes, and 72,000 retweets.

It also garnered over 7,000 comments, many of which came in the form of videos of them testing out the theory for themselves.

And, much to their surprise, many users found that the Twitter user's theory about the shoes landing face-up.

One user @abbeyruns posted a video that showed her throwing a number of pairs of the sneakers down a flight of stairs - all of which landed facing upward.

The caption on the video read: 'I've never been so entertained.'

Another user @happilyhood_ tested out the theory for herself. She shared a video of her throwing the shoes up in the air, and was pleasantly surprised when they landed facing upwards.

'Ok I am officially shook,' she wrote.

Twitter user @Yee_vena15 joined in on the fun, but decided to go outside to throw the shoes in order to be able to throw them higher, and possibly decrease the odds of the shoes landing face-up.

In the caption of the video, they wrote: 'So I felt y’all were throwing them to soft so I went outside and...'

Much to their surprise, after being thrown up high, they landed face-up on the ground.

Another video saw user @odetoblasphemy doing the same, and being pleasantly surprised, admitting that they thought it was a 'scam' initially.

Beside their video, they wrote: 'I was pretty sure it was a scam until i tried it myself, wow.'

Another hilarious attempt saw user @isthatsophiep and a friend throwing numerous pairs of shoes around their house.

The pair can be heard screaming with delight as they threw a pair of sneakers down a set of stairs, and saw them both landing facing upward.

The video's caption read: 'Ok we’re shook and just spent 10 mins launching Vans around the house.'

However, despite most people successfully seeing their shoes landing upwards, many others weren't convinced about the theory.

Some users threw their Vans up in the air, only to find them landed on their side, or facing downward.

One user @frostymeanie threw a pair of the sneakers into the air, one of which landed on its side. She then used her toe to tip the shoe over fully onto the floor.

She accompanied the video with a caption that read: 'Does it count.'

Twitter user @Ibelievthehype, who started the viral thread on Saturday, replied to her, saying: 'Sorry to tell you but yours are broken.'

Another user @_mvillacastin simple wrote 'FALSE' to accompany a video that showed her Vans landing facing downward after throwing them into the air.

People seem to have found the whole situation hilarious.

User @battaglinoa wrote: 'I'll never look at Vans the same again. I will always throw them before putting them on.'

'It's... it's like a magnet... or a cat?' added user @Lindz5252.

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