Walmart Worker Seeks to Find Owners of 64-Year-Old Love Letter

Published December 13th, 2018 - 10:00 GMT

Workers at a Georgia Walmart are trying to find the owners of a 64-year-old love letter found on the floor of the store.

Jennifer Hendrix, an employee at the Walmart store in Dalton, said a coworker named Dakota found the letter inside the store before he was deployed recently by the National Guard.

The letter, postmarked July 30, 1954, contains a letter from a man named Max to his "honey," Martha Young.

"I ran out of paper and had to borrow some. Hope you can read this. Take care of yourself honey and stay sweet and remember I love you. Good night sweetheart. Lots of love Max," the letter reads.


The letter says Max was due to be home in 15 days and planned to ask Young's parents for her hand in marriage.

"It's something that we only dream about most days with our social media and the fast pace of the world and I want to know the story behind them and I want to reunite someone with the piece of their heart that is obviously missing," Hendrix told WDEF-TV.

It was unknown how the letter ended up on the floor at Walmart.

"It's important to me because obviously whoever these belong to have held onto these since 1954, so a piece of their soul has to be missing, a piece of their heart and with the holidays coming up its just really important to me that we can make that connection again," Hendrix said.

Police in Greenfield, Mass., came to the assistance of a local resident in December 2017 after they discovered a love letter from April 1944 inside a wall at their home. Police were able to help the resident return the letter to the original recipient's family.


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