Where the ladies at? Saudi calls out mothers, sisters as crucial against extremism

Published April 2nd, 2016 - 07:00 GMT
Saudi women are a strong force against men converting to extremism. (AFP/File)
Saudi women are a strong force against men converting to extremism. (AFP/File)

Saudi women today have become major partners in safeguarding the Kingdom and its internal security. As mothers, wives and sisters, Saudi women are in a unique position to play a pivotal role in raising children with Islamic beliefs that are based on moderation, Al-Riyadh daily reports.

Mothers have been encouraged to play a more active role in their children’s lives by keeping a close on who or what influences them so they can prevent their children from falling prey to extremists and extremist ideologies.

Suhaila Zain Alabideen, a member of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), said people who want to abolish the death sentence imposed by the Shariah do not understand one thing: the death sentence brings benefits to society. A criminal who kills and terrorizes innocents deserves to be beheaded.

“If we do not implement death sentences against such criminals, we would be considered accomplices in the crime. The terrorists who have been executed recently deserved the death sentence. The government exhausted all methods to reform them but they proved to be a hopeless cause.”

Alabideen went on to say the executions sent a clear message to all mothers: That they should raise their children to be tolerant, nonviolent and patriotic citizens who protect the lives of others against dangers. She called upon mothers to keep a close eye on their sons and monitor their actions and behavior and take note of any change in their attitudes.

“Both parents have a great responsibility on their shoulders but mothers can play an important role in protecting their sons against being used by terrorist groups. Raising a child and instilling in him the values of patriotism is important to protect the country,” she stressed.

Mothers and sisters

Poetess Sara Al-Khathlan said no one should ever sympathize with terrorists because terrorists are simply killers; they ruthlessly target women, children and even the elderly.

“As women, we support the execution of terrorists and we condemn their heinous crimes. We also sympathize with the mothers and sisters whose sons or brothers were executed because of terrorism,” she said.

She underscored the importance of instilling love of one’s country and society in a child’s mind at an early age and said women had a duty to ensure that their sons do not end up in bad company.

Soad Al-Zayedi, an engineer, said national security is a red line that no one should cross. She expressed sorrow for the mothers whose sons went astray and became terrorists.

“There is no doubt that these mothers are going through a very difficult phase in their lives. Seeing their children end up like this is heart-wrenching and we sympathize with these mothers,” she said.

“The responsibility of both parents is becoming bigger in light of the social openness society has been experiencing in recent years. Social media websites have proved to be dangerous as they can be used by terrorist groups to recruit young men,” Al-Zayedi added while urging parents not to allow their children to watch violent movies or play violent games. 


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