Yemen tries to enforce ban on carrying guns in markets, parks and even mosques!

Published March 5th, 2013 - 05:00 GMT
The spread of weapons in Yemen is upsetting the capital's residents.
The spread of weapons in Yemen is upsetting the capital's residents.

The Interior Ministry ordered security authorities to enforce a public weapons carrying ban in the capital city on Saturday. 

The ban is actually a part of a 1992 firearms organizational law that has been loosely enforced.   

The law stipulates a ban on carrying firearms unless permitted by concerned authorities.

Following a year of increased assassinations, officials say the plan to implement the ban is in line with a larger security campaign that has been beefed up in anticipation of the National Dialogue Conference.  

Dr. Omar Abdulkareem, Sana’a’s general security chief, said the ban is not just applicable to public markets, but includes mosques, as well as parks.  

Abdulkareem added that police cars are also prohibited from entering public markets with weapons unless officially assigned to a task. 

“The issue of a spread of weapons in public places is a worrying matter, it is also inappropriate and unacceptable,” said Colonel Adlulla Al-Darb, the manager of public relations for the Reinforcement Forces Department said.

Al-Darb said locals have initially appeared enthusiastic to abide by the new law. 

We are glad weapons carrying will be banned in the capital city,” said Mohammed Yahia Al-Lakama, a local Sana’a resident, who has personally been affected by the public use of weapons.  

His nephew was killed in December of 2012 near Shumaila market after a person indiscriminately opened fire.   

The capital secretariat has urged locals in Sana’a to call their local police station if they see violators of the new ban.   

However, the capital secretariat has no plan as to how receive the calls.


What should Yemen do about their gun problem? Would the violence still happen even without the guns? Tell us what you think below.

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