YouTube Stars KSI, Logan Paul Fight in 'Biggest Event in Internet History'

Published August 26th, 2018 - 09:26 GMT
YouTube superstars' superfight night in Manchester. (YouTube Screenshot)
YouTube superstars' superfight night in Manchester. (YouTube Screenshot)

Two of the world's most notorious YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul entered the boxing ring for an event billed as 'the biggest event in internet history'.

And among those attending the hugely-anticipated fight was EDL founder Tommy Robinson. 

The event in Manchester Arena was watched by up to 20,000 fans and was also streamed live on YouTube. 

This is the second time two YouTubers have squared off in the ring, in an attempt to cash in on internet feuds by turning them into physical fights.  

After six rounds a draw was declared by judges, with the two YouTube personalities quickly agreeing that a rematch should take place.

Logan 'the maverick' Paul, from the US, entered the ring dressed in black, with his name emblazoned across the back of his outfit. 

KSI, a British YouTube sensation, wore a face mask for his walk to the ring and a jacket emblazoned with 'the nightmare' on the back.

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