Yummy: Jaffa Cake in New Strawberry Tinkers Original Orange Taste

Published October 5th, 2018 - 07:54 GMT
Jaffa Cake (Shutterstock)
Jaffa Cake (Shutterstock)

The humble Jaffa Cake has been given a fruity new makeover - and it's dividing fans of the tea-time favourite.

A snap of a box of limited edition Jaffa Cakes - in which the traditional orange jelly filling has been replaced by strawberry flavour - was shared on Instagram after a shopper spied them on the shelves at Tesco.

It was posted by the NewfoodsUK account, where it was met with a mixture of delight and dismay.

While some biscuit fans immediately resolved to 'inhale' a packet of the new-look Jaffas, others suggested that tinkering with the classic snack was 'not OK'.

McVitie's told FEMAIL the biscuits, which are only available in Tesco stores, went on sale in August.

They cost 99p for a packet of 10.



It is not known when they will be withdrawn from shelves, but plenty of fans told of their plans to sample the snack before it's too late.

Earlier this year McVitie's has revealed that the classic Jaffa Cake-eating technique - made famous by the 'full moon, half moon, total eclipse' TV ad - is not in fact the best way to enjoy the sweet treats.

Fans of the biscuit-sized cakes should instead nibble around the edges before eating the middle section containing the distinctive orange jelly, the biscuit and cake brand stated at the time, after consulting with food scientist and flavour expert Dr Stuart Farrimond.

Dr Farrimond used four scientific research methods - and a panel of hungry Jaffa Cake fans who munched through hundreds of the treats - to conclude that the so-called 'All Rounder' method is the best way to enjoy the chocolate-orange sponges.

In McVitie's Zest Report into Britain's Jaffa Cake eating habits, Dr Farrimond stated that the nibble-round-the-edges technique gives an 'almost perfectly optimised balance of zesty orange, slightly bitter chocolate and sweet airy sponge'.

In scientific terms, this is called the 'hedonic breakpoint', the snack maker said at the time.


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