Can You Sustain This Beer-only Lent Diet?

Published March 1st, 2020 - 10:33 GMT
Ohio man seeks world record with beer-only Lent diet.

An Ohio man said he is giving up solid food for Lent and switching to a beer-only diet in an attempt to set a world record.

Del Hall, who made headlines in 2019 when he lost 44 pounds in 46 days on his beer-only Lent diet, said he is planning to extend his fast to 50 days this year to set a world record for the beer diet.

Hall, sales director for Fifty West Brewing Co. in Cincinnati, said he decided to extend the beer diet after hearing about another man who completed a beer-only Lent.


"I don't think the extra days are going to be a struggle. The hardest part is the first few days," Hall told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

He said he is hoping to set an "all-time world record," but he is not yet sure if the record will be recognized by Guinness World Records.

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