Chinese Dad Throws a Kid on The Ground After Fight With His Daughter

Published January 16th, 2020 - 08:22 GMT
The man savagely flings the boy, causing the child to spin in the air before landing on the floor. (Video Screenshot)
The man savagely flings the boy, causing the child to spin in the air before landing on the floor. (Video Screenshot)
Attack occurred in front of shocked adults and children in China on Monday.

A furious Chinese father has violently thrown a young boy onto the ground in an indoor playground after allegedly seeing the child fight for a toy with his daughter.

Surveillance footage shows the man dragging the four-year-old by the arm before savagely flinging him across the room in front of shocked adults and children.

The boy landed on the floor on his face about four metres (13 feet) away and sustained a minor concussion, it is alleged. 

His devastated mother had to watch him being attacked on the security video after finding multiple injuries on him.

The child, known as Le Le, was assaulted Monday night in a playground inside a restaurant in Nanning, the capital of southern China's Guangxi Province, reported Guangxi Radio and TV Station. 

In a 20-second clip released by the group, a man dressed in white runs towards a 'mini castle' before pulling out a boy by tugging one of the minor's arms.

The man then swings the boy and throws him away, causing the latter to land hard on the ground more than 10 feet away.

The boy spins and slides along the floor before coming to a halt. He appears to cry and rub his wrist after sitting up.

Afterwards, the man gently pulls another child out of the castle as he scolds the crying boy. He eventually walks away without being stopped.

Le Le's mother, known by her surname Wang, suspected that the man had attacked her son after seeing her son fight for the same toy with his daughter.

She told a reporter that her son had sustained a minor concussion as well as injuries on the arm and ear as a result.

The woman was in a nearby shop buying milk tea for her son when the boy was attacked, she said.

She accused the playground's staff of failing to react to the situation.

'When my son was sitting on the ground crying, one of the workers went up to console him,' the mother criticsed angrily. 

'The parents of other children saw my son, pitied him and went up to hug him,' she added.

Mr Wu, a manager of the restaurant, defended his employees. He said his workers were all female and it would not be reasonable to expect them to stop 'a tall and strong man'.

Police were alerted by the restaurant's staff and launched an investigation, the report said.

It is understood that officers are still trying to track down the man. 

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