Christ Appears in The Devastating Flames of The Parisian Notre Dame Cathedral

Published April 17th, 2019 - 08:58 GMT
Here, we outline the 'Christ-like figure' Lesley Rowan spotted  (
Here, we outline the 'Christ-like figure' Lesley Rowan spotted (
While others said: 'I can see it pretty clear, gown and all,' and 'Yeah I saw it straight away - it's Jesus!'

The outline of Jesus Christ seemed to appear in the devastating flames which engulfed the Parisian Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday evening, one woman has claimed.

Lesley Rowan, from Alexandria in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, was reading about the tragic incident when she claims to have noticed in one of the pictures a figure in the billowing smoke.

Taking to social media to share her thoughts, Lesley explained that she believed the silhouette to be of God's son, pointing outwards from the inferno sweeping through the historic 850-year-old building.

'I may be letting my mind play tricks on me here, folks take a close look at this picture and what do you see,' the 38-year-old posted to her Facebook, alongside a circled picture of the cathedral.

Lesley was quickly inundated with social media users who also believed they could see the outline of Jesus within the roaring flames.

'When I looked at this photo last night, I was really astounded by what I saw. When I look at it I see a silhouette of Jesus. I really see a vivid image,' Lesley explained to the Daily Record.

'I feel like it will bring comfort to people in Paris and all over the world at this sad time.'

Some social media users were quick to agree with Lesley's claims, with one saying: 'Looks like a figure of Jesus, or I am tripping?'

While others said: 'I can see it pretty clear, gown and all,' and 'Yeah I saw it straight away - it's Jesus!'

Yet not everyone accepted Lesley's findings, with one Facebook user writing: 'Opposite of amazing,' and another insisted they only saw a 'statue'.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron committed to rebuilding Notre-Dame cathedral within five years on Tuesday.

The French President said in a televised address that the cathedral would be rebuilt 'even more beautifully' within the next few years as he urged the French nation to 'come together'. 

'We will rebuild Notre Dame even more beautifully and I want it to be completed in five years, we can do it,' Macron said in a television address to the nation.

The blaze erupted in the medieval UNESCO world heritage landmark in the French capital, sending its spire and roof crashing to the ground as flames and clouds of smoke billowed into the sky. 

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