COVID Case Rate Reaches All-Time High in Jordan

Published January 26th, 2022 - 09:26 GMT
COVID Case Rate Reaches All-Time High in Jordan
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The daily case rate for new cases of COVID-19 in Jordan reached an all-time high according to data from the Ministry of Health.

On January 25, 2022, the ministry reported a total of 11,813 new positive cases in the country, showing a major spike from the 6,951 cases reported just two days ago on January 23.

The previous daily high ever recorded in Jordan was approximately 9,500 cases back in March 2021.

With this increase in cases and the spread of the contagious Omicron variant it’s important to get your vaccine booster or first doses as soon as possible.

Here’s where and how you can get the booster whether you’re a resident in Jordan or someone visiting from outside the country.

Finding a Vaccination Site

COVID Case Rate Reaches All-Time High in Jordan-Shutterstock


You do not need to register ahead of time in order to receive the vaccine in Jordan, but you do need to bring valid identification. For Jordanians this means your personal ID and for others it means your passport, asylum-seeker certificate or Ministry of Interior service card.

Once you have your identification in hand just head to the vaccination site that’s closest to you. The Ministry of Health posts a list every day on their official Twitter and Facebook pages showing what sites are running that day.

Be sure to consult this list so you don’t show up to a site that’s not running on the day you try to go.

Vaccinated Outside of Jordan

COVID Case Rate Reaches All-Time High in Jordan
COVID Case Rate Reaches All-Time High in Jordan-Shutterstock


For foreigners visiting Jordan or anyone who got their first COVID-19 vaccine shots outside of the country, it is required to register your doses at the Ministry of Health before you can receive additional doses.

Bring your passport, a printed copy of your passport and a printed copy of your vaccination records to the ground floor of the ministry building.

All three will be required for the registration process. Also, be certain that your printed vaccination record contains the QR code for your doses.

Regardless of where you got your shots you should be able to obtain digital records of your shots and an accompanying QR code. The Ministry of Health has to scan this QR code during the registration process and they will turn you away if you don’t have it.

Physical COVID-19 vaccination cards like those given out in the United States will NOT be accepted. If you got doses in the United States then the state, and sometimes the local county, where you got your shots will be responsible for your digital vaccination records.

If you search online for your state’s official COVID-19 website you should be able to find information on where and how to access your QR code and digital vaccination records.

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