CrossFit: Two Jordanian Women Play The Game in Phoenix

Published June 29th, 2022 - 06:47 GMT
Phoenix Games
Dema Zebdieh, who is also a coach, has placed first in CrossFit in Jordan for the past four years in a row. (Instagram/ @dema_zebdieh)

Two Jordanian women, Dema Zebdieh and Sara Abu Shawish, are dominating the CrossFit leader boards, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Zebdieh, 36, and Abu Shawish, 26, qualified for the Far East Throwdown CrossFit Semifinal 2022 event in Busan, South Korea, held from June 3 to 5, and took part in the Phoenix Games in Qatar.

Zebdieh, who is also a coach, has placed first in CrossFit in Jordan for the past four years in a row and ranked fourth overall in Asia this year after ranking 24th last year.


“It was dream come true to make it as an individual to the semifinals again. I have been striving and working for it. I qualified last year but due to COVID restrictions we could not travel, so taking part this year in person on the competition floor was epic,” Zebdieh told The Jordan Times.

One week after the semifinals, Zebdieh participated and won second place in individuals at the Phoenix Games. 

“I decided to go for it one day before it started. I was not training after the semifinals, but I could not say no. It was another amazing experience in the books,” she added.

Zebdieh encouraged other aspiring women who aim to compete professionally to always stay consistent and not compare themselves with others.


“Never underestimate yourself or your strength, have a clear goal and you will get there with consistency and determination,” she said.

As for Abu Shawish, who coaches as well, she could not attend the semifinals in South Korea despite qualifying for the first time this year. 

However, Abu Shawish expressed her excitement for next year, “I am looking forward to working harder to make it again next year, not necessarily as an individual, but maybe as a team to represent Jordan,” she said.

Abu Shawish, accompanied by Jordanian CrossFit athlete and coach Qout Abaza, participated in the Marbella CrossFit championship in Spain in May, where they ranked seventh overall, in addition to competing in the Phoenix Games in Qatar where her team won second place.


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“After not being able to compete in the semifinals, I was still excited to participate in the Phoenix Games, especially because most competitors were foreign and we were the only ones from the Middle East. It felt really good to compete, represent and win for all Arab women athletes,” Abu Shawish continued.

According to Abu Shawish, athletes in Jordan face multiple challenges, most prominently the lack of support and sponsorships.

“It is really difficult for lots of athletes to compete as there is no support or sponsors. I was lucky to have a sponsorship,” she said. 

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