Delhi Oxygen Bar Offers 15-Minute Hits of Clean Air

Published November 19th, 2019 - 11:48 GMT
Oxy Pure (Twitter)
Oxy Pure (Twitter)

Delhi has opened its first oxygen bar offering 15-minute hits of clean air to people living in the world's most polluted city.

Oxy Pure sells 80 to 90 per cent pure oxygen for 300 rupees (about £3) per session, in a range of flavours including lemongrass, lavender, cherry and eucalyptus.

The bar, which is located inside a trendy mall in the city's south, fits customers with a nose tube and then bubbles the oxygen through scented oils and into their lungs.

Oxy Pure even offers a 'pollution special', giving customers four sessions for the price of three. 

Ayavir Kumar, 26, who opened the bar in May, says he serves between 30 and 40 customers per day, and sells bottled oxygen to more people so they can get a hit of fresh air wherever they are in the city.

Delhi has consistently ranked among the most-polluted cities in the world, and last week was ranked as the worst in the world by forecaster Skymet. 

Authorities announced a public health emergency earlier in the month after concentrations of PM2.5 particles, the most dangerous type of air pollution, surpassed 999 micrograms.

The World Health Organisation sets a safe limit of PM2.5s at 25 micrograms. 

Schools in the Indian capital have also been forced to close twice this month amid fears that high pollution could be causing children brain damage.

Officials have also tried to limit the amount of pollution by banning people from driving in the city on alternating days. 

Speaking to the Straits Times about the crisis, Mr Kumar said: 'It is embarrassing. Our governments have not been able to ensure even clean air for people to breathe.'

While oxygen bars have been a trendy commodity in developed countries for a while, they have largely been used as a spa treatment or to aid sports recovery.

Doctors have previously cautioned against any supposed health benefits of breathing pure oxygen, suggesting the claims are not backed by science.

But those using Oxy Pure in Delhi said they were happy just to breathe clean air, even if it made little difference to their overall health.

Lisa Dwivedi, a Ukrainian living in the city, told the New York Times that she came to the bar because she was fed up with itchy eyes, a runny nose and a swollen throat.

'I don't know if it's psychological, but it makes me feel good to know I am inhaling pure oxygen, if only for 15 minutes,' she said. 

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