Digital Detox: The Way to Clearing Your Mind

Published March 7th, 2022 - 03:20 GMT
Digital Detox: The Way to Detoxing Your Mind
With the harm that comes with spending too much time online entails, it is pivotal that we learn how to go on a digital detox every once in a while. (shutterstock)

We all know the importance of detoxing our body and taking care of it. But what so many of us fail to see is how crucial it is for our wellbeing to also detox our mind and soul from the digital world. And while social media and the digital world can be an asset when used correctly, so many fail into the trap of abusing and misusing it to the point they no longer see how addicted they have become to it. 

I mean, I personally always find myself wondering how we used to spend our time before social media, smartphones and technology started taking over.

I would always ask myself, “how was I able to just sit without my phone?”

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The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much power the internet and technology now have over me and my life. Social media websites and technology are made to lure us and make us want more and more. That is precisely why it is instrumental to take social media breaks and learn how to control the digital world rather than allow it to control you. 

One cannot deny that advanced technology and social media have given us the chance to connect with people from across the globe. However, we should not forget that social media is a sedentary behavior and relying on virtual connection with others might result in loneliness and isolation. In addition, the intimacy and human touch that comes with face-to-face interaction cannot and will not be replaced by the digital world.

Not only that but studies have also shown that spending too much time on the internet can have detrimental effects on a person’s mental health. The fact that many people have their lives out there opens the door for cyberbullying and comparisons that can significantly impact one’s well being and perception of the world. 

The downside of social media and having access to anything and everything at all times extends beyond just that. Because having every piece of information at your fingertips means it is that much easier for you to feel overwhelmed and drained.

With the number of posts and blogs about the challenging times the world is going through, using social media and being exposed to too much information can be triggering for some and affect their emotional and mental wellbeing. The consumption of too much bad news is even linked to increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression, all of which can greatly impact a person’s overall well being. 

Another huge and prominent aspect of the digital world is gaming and how fast the world seems to be wanting to move towards Metaverse and everything it encompasses. Globally there are about 3.24B gamers, a number that might be increasing with the increasing interest the world is showing in the virtual world and all the advancements it can introduce.

In fact, gaming can be a great platform that can be further pushed by the adoption of Metaverse, a technology that aims to mend the gap between our physical and virtual world. With the many doors that such a technology can bring into the digital world, people might become more addicted to using and even have difficulty in using it in a moderately and balanced manner. 

Letting go of the digital world and taking a break can be challenging for some, but it is also imperative for our overall well being. Here are some of the benefits of taking a digital detox:

- Decreased levels of FOMO! 

Always being on social media and seeing the “best” of someone’s life can make you feel like you are missing out. Social media feeds on the fact that it makes people feel like they are not doing enough. 

- Better time management

Do you ever wonder where your time just went? Well it is time to get rid of this phenomena and taking a social media break might help you do just that! Many of us spend so much time on social media without even being aware of it. It is even reported that on average people spend more than two hours per day on social media. That is excluding the hours spent on smartphones as a whole! Therefore, taking some time off social media can mean you will have a couple of extra hours on your hands that you can make better us off! 

- Improved overall wellbeing 

Social media tends to push so many into a downward spiral of self-doubt and decreased self worth with its comparison trap. Spending time away from social media can also be a great way to protect your mental health and pay attention to the real world. Living in the present moment is directly related to increased levels of happiness and social media tends to keep us preoccupied that we miss out on what is right in front of us. In addition, digital detox can also give us more time to focus on our own health and wellbeing.

With the harm that comes with spending too much time online entails, it is pivotal that we learn how to go on a digital detox every once in a while. Ultimately, technology and social media are but tools that we need to learn how to use moderately and in a balanced manner. 

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