Discover Graffiti in Jordan by World Artists!

Published September 25th, 2022 - 11:17 GMT
Graffiti Artworks
Street artists from all around the Middle East and the world have recently opted to leave their spray paint marks on Jordan.

The urban environment of Jordan is evolving into an artwork of bricks and concrete barriers. Observing all the smooth, expertly sculpted surfaces around Jabal Al Weibdeh or in the small streets of downtown Amman one can see these are definitely artworks.

Street artists from all around the Middle East and the world-over have recently opted to leave their spray paint marks on the Jordanian capital. These painters have come and again in the recent years but have left and indelible footprints on Jordan's landscape. 

The following features some of the most stunning walls that will help in shaping the future of this city as per individual artists:

Discover the most beautiful artworks in Jordan

1. Yazan Halawani

"The plastic mannequin and the hybrid folklore dress."

A plastic mannequin from one of the gift shops in the downtown was painted by artist Yazan Halawani, who travelled all the way from Lebanon to participate in the "Baladak Festival." He then dressed the mannequin in a hybrid outfit that combined elements from Circassian, Jordanian, and Palestinian folkloric dresses.

2. Suhaib Attar

“The deer”

The 23-meter-high geometric deer painted on an ancient building is Attar's most well-known painting. It took him two days to finish and was his first substantial project. In Amman's Jabal Al Weibdeh, you can get a magnificent view of a deer.


3. Fintan Magee

“The Exile”

A picture of a child caught between two worlds. While her reflection in the background is looking back toward the world she left behind, her image in the foreground is gazing outward toward an uncertain future.

4. Kevin Ledo

“Create Equality”

The new mural, titled "Create Equality," was painted in Zarqa and emphasizes the value of men and women working together to advance gender equality and women's empowerment. Kevin Ledo, a Montreal-based artist, was invited to take part in aptART's wonderful project Open SPACE.

5. Jonathan Darby 


In the Jordanian village of Kharja, only 10 kilometres from the Syrian border, this mural graces the side of a women's gym. For Jordanian and Syrian women, this gym serves as a community centre and meeting place.

Written by Sondos Swed

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