Dubai Designer Denies 'Sabotage' of Miss Universe Canada

Published May 24th, 2021 - 10:14 GMT
Dubai designer Michael Cinco
Dubai designer Michael Cinco (Twitter)
Stevens announced the news weeks ago by posting a photo with the renowned designer on Instagram.

Dubai-based designer Michael Cinco shared a lengthy text on social media in response to the Miss Universe Canada team, who accused the couturier and his team of “trying to sabotage” Miss Canada Nova Stevens. 

MGmode Communications, the team behind Miss Universe Canada, wrote in a now-deleted post that the gowns sent by Cinco to Stevens arrived late and were ill-fitting.  

“We love Michael, but this was inexplicable. At the same time, they had time to custom-make a gown for another delegate… things don’t add up sadly,” read the post. 

Responding to the accusations, the Filipino designer shared a photo of the Miss Universe contestant wearing her preliminary gown and finals dress, writing: “Here she is smiling and happy, then all of a sudden you’re spreading rumors that you didn’t wear my gown (because) it’s ill-fitting.

“Firstly, the gowns arrived on time. Or how could you have sent me photos and videos of her wearing them, showing how the gowns perfectly fitted her, days before each event?”

He added that he doesn’t normally respond to “unnecessary social media rants” or “negative criticisms” about his work, but couldn’t let this go unchecked as it put “uncalled for blame” on his team the week after the competition, which took place in Florida last Sunday.

In a separate post, the A-list loved couturier stated that he messaged Miguel Martinez, handler of Miss Canada, to delete the accusatory post. “He just told me the truth has to be revealed... (Nova Stevens) just told me that (her team) are upset because they believed me and my team are trying to sabotage her,” said Cinco.

“You don’t even pay the courier or any other charges,” Cinco added. “Next time, don’t ask me or any Filipino designers to dress up your candidates. Ask your Canadian designers to showcase their works on the world stage. Stop taking advantage of my kindness and stop scamming Filipino designers,” he added.

Cinco was tasked with designing the dresses of three of the contestants for the Miss Universe 2020 finals, which took place on Sunday evening at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, South Florida.

Stevens announced the news weeks ago by posting a photo with the renowned designer on Instagram.

“Boss! Michael Cinco needs no introduction! So grateful to have you as my official gown designer for Miss Universe,” she wrote alongside a heart-eyed emoji.

According to Cinco’s post, he hired a photographer and filmmaker to shoot Stevens in a “world-class location in Dubai,” all of which he says he paid for.

Stevens has since responded to the controversy. “This really hurts me because I have nothing but love for both parties,” she said in a video posted on social media.

“The fact that I was able to work with you (Michael Cinco) is a highlight of my career as Miss Universe Canada. That gratitude will never diminish, and I’ve expressed that gratitude publicly and privately,” she said. “It boggles my mind that my gratitude would even be in question.”

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