Gaza-Based Artist Illustrates Suffering of Palestinian People Through Sand

Published September 29th, 2021 - 07:19 GMT
Rana Ramlawi
Rana Ramlawi (Instagram)
Rana Ramlawi creates sand sculptures to reflect the plight of Palestinians.
The Gaza-based sculptor excels in illustrating the suffering of the Palestinian people caused by Israel and its atrocities.

Rana Ramlawi transforms sand grains into creative paintings. 

She is the first sand sculptor in Palestine. She personifies sand sculptures that express the issues of Arab society, especially humanitarian issues.

Rana Ramlawi is a sand sculptor in Gaza City. She started carving surface drawings on the sand and later developed her talent to create some huge sculptures.

She creates large sculptures that take days to complete and which represent her politician convictions.

“I sculpt ideas...Like the Palestinian issue and the issue of Palestinian tradition.”

When asked about using sand, rather than clay, in her sculptures, Rana said: "Sand is almost the cheapest and most available material in Gaza. I think it gives me the chance to tell the world that we can deliver a message using any material, in different arts."

Her works are usually a commentary on current world events, especially in the Middle East.

She created artwork in her home in Gaza City to commemorate #WorldRefugeeDay a day dedicated by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness on the situation of refugees throughout the world.

During the pandemic she sent a message to the world asking them to "Stay Home" to limit the spread of Covid 19, using sand sculpture that depicts the earth and some people wearing medical masks.

Lately, the artist has made a sand sculpture of Gilboa Prison Break, displaying the opening of the tunnel through which the six prisoners had managed to escape and a disappointed Israeli soldier weeping for his loss.


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