Jordanian flag: colors and meaning

Published May 25th, 2023 - 08:20 GMT
Jordanian flag

ALBAWABA - Jordanians are celebrating the 77th anniversary of Independence Day today, May 25, marking Jordan's independence from the British government.

Jordan announced its independence from Britain right after World War one in 1946.

Independence Day is one of the most important event in the history of Jordan and people usually celebrate this occasion by using fireworks, wearing traditional clothes, or by cooking traditional dishes such as Mansaf and Makmoura. 

Meanwhile, some people usually place Jordanian flags outside their houses and on their cars to mark this special event. However, many don't know what colors in the Jordanian flag stand for.

The Jordanian flag, in its current form, was adopted in 1928. It is inspired, in shape and colors, by the Great Arab Revolt’s banner, which was raised from the plains of Mecca in 1916.

Albawaba highlights symbols of colors and the star in the Jordanian flag:

Colors in Jordanian flag: 

Jordanian flag is consisted of four main colors; white, red, black and green.

Black: the Abbasid dynasty. 

White: the Umayyad dynasty.

Green: the Fatimid dynasty.

Red: the Great Arab Revolt.

Red triangle in Jordanian flag:

The red triangle in the Jordanian flag what joins the three bars represents the Hashemite dynasty.

Jordanian flag's white star:

Jordanian flag has a white star with seven points featured on the hoist side of the red chevron. 

The star stands for the unity of the Arab people, while its seven points refer to the seven verses of Al-Fatiha as well as the seven hills Amman was built on.

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